Google Adwords

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Types of online advertising


 Google Adwords


There is no doubt that the majority of Internet users when searching for any product or service, they are turning to the Google search engine and they have what they want to search for it to show search results and find that there are a number of advertisements appear beside a small square yellow with the word announcement this is google adwards announcement ,It is a Google ad products company and is a pay per click (ppc) and Simplified when a person or company to advertise their product or service , the company is doing advertising campaign on the Internet (Google Adwards) and allocates a certain budget announcements to spend on the campaign, including the budget are placed in the announcement on the adwards campaign and is calculated CPC bid and thus when the ad appears on the search engines will be deducted CPC bid if the person clicking the ad


Features advertisements (Google Adwords)

Access to new customers interested in the product or service

You can specify search words example of this apartment for sale or office furniture or maintenance of equipment or real estate, or any word searches by Internet users thus the result is advertising does not target random audience and  access to the target audience

Choose states and countries and regions, which shows where the announcement and thus could target audience from Arab countries or from foreign countries

Lower cost than the use of other advertising and media, such as advertising on TV and radio

You can measure the results and analysis of the advertising campaign and the amendment

, and therefore the results are more accurate



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