logo design

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Is an icon or symbol that represents the identity of a company or an institution or an organization or a social activity or a political movement which can be either the design of special characters name of the company or institution or design expresses the nature of the work , logo design includes all the concepts and facts about your company or product and Company logos, institutions, restaurants and other logos different from each whole or in part but a successful logo is rooted in the minds of everyone, for example, McDonald’s logo or logos of the three telecom operators in Egypt. We all do not need to read the company name or the restaurant but when we see the logo we recognize it easily


Before designing any logo must take into account the following : –

The simplicity of the logo design

No one would disagree that the logo must be distinct, but the basis of a successful logo is to be simple and uncomplicated easily recognizable and rooted in people’s minds


Diverse and constantly logo

Logo must be more versatile so that it is used in a variety of combinations of various media so as not to hurt logo when enlarge or reduce the size it is necessary to take into account the development of the design must constantly logo with the passage of time


 Choose suitable colors for the logo design

May have the designer commitment to the color of the brand and often leaves him choose

the appropriate color,he prefers 
to choose the color expresses the meaning and idea logo and

not more than three color because it unpleasantly many colors in any logo and can starts design with a solid color such as black then colors are selected

 Unique design and funky logo

It must be the idea of the logo design unconventional and be innovative and distinctive and must avoid tradition and theft

Find out what the customer thinks

Before the logo design must know the client’s idea and logo or brand and his vision for the design logo

Start designing your logo on paper

It is better to draw the designer logo design ideas on paper and then begin the implementation of the logo on computer

Study of famous logos or brands

must study and analysis the famous logos in the world and identify the reasons for their success leads to the design professional logo

Choose the appropriate font design or brand

Choose the font is an important element of the beauty of the design elements, and you can create a font to become an exceptional logo


Innovation using negative space in design

Of craft and creativity when designing a logo to use the spaces between the two characters in an innovative way to express the form of a drawing or reflect the nature of the design

Avoid all the common mistakes in the design of logos

When you watch a lot of logos must know the common mistakes and avoid them


Disposal of the negative in the logo

Preferably a logo where active movement

 Craft in that there is a meaning behind the logo

Many of the world’s logos have a profound meaning, for example, FedEx logo and exploit the negative space, or the space between the letters gave an arrow shape symbolizes the progress and move and it expresses the nature of the company’s business, which delivered shipments

Avoid all overlapping fonts when designing a logo

Interlaced fonts may be weak and unclear, which would negatively impact on the logo


Taking into account the different cultures

You must understand your audience in terms of culture for design a successful Logo

Logo design fit on a dark background

Many markets the products and put the logo on dark background so you must take into account this point



Taking into account the different sizes of the logo 

When the logo design should experiment on different sizes to ensure that his work and accuracy in all sizes





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