pop up counter

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Pop up counter stand  is a stand importer is no different shape and used it for a pop up stand , includes aluminium frame curved and 1 pcs  PVC panels, Magnetic Poles advertising message is displayed, a printed design to be installed it includes a product or service name or company name and logo or slogan or its own brand , pop up counter stand used to put some of the products or publications by and on the shelves in it


pop up counter stand components

pop up counter stand includes the aluminium frame curved and 1 pcs PVC panels , 1 pcs Fireproof paint wood (Black) , Magnetic Poles,  shelves ,





 pop up counter stand specifications

they are ideal for anything from trade shows

The optional shelves allows for extra storage

of marketing materials or handouts and keep

the counter top tidy and more inviting

Used in exhibitions and conferences,

companies and parlors






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