pop up stand

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includes aluminium frame and  6 or 5 laminated graphic panels ,magnetic bars,2 spot lights

to illuminate your display , pop up stand used to display advertising message which design

includes images of products or services, and logo or slogan your company’s product or service owner, pop up stand is ideal for exhibitions, events, retail environments and shopping centers


pop up stand specifications


pop up stand considered as a means of advertising in exhibitions , conferences and clients define the services and products offered by companies or institutions through advertising message and printed on pop up stand design

pop up stands create a professional image for your company and are a salient marketing tool

Ease of installation and dismantling of Pop up stand , anyone Can alone installed

Pop Up stand displays are a quick and easy way to get maximum exhibition backdrop coverage for a small investment

Companies can use pop up stand every year in exhibitions and conferences, not for once


pop up stand components

pop up stand includes the frame and laminated graphic panels ,magnetic bars ,  spot lights , trolley case









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