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The publications were still of great importance
for companies and owners of commercial activities.
After that the company is designing its own logo
and design its website and print out the company’s papers and propaganda publications


Paper publications: – such as business card|letterhead|envelopes |folders and other publications

Propaganda publications: – flyers , brochure and promotional bags,catalog and other publications propaganda

Ad Publications: – flex and banners and posters and see through and other publications , It is important to know

the difference between the various print publications, whether paper or promotional or advertising publications


Brochure size is A4 single-sided or double-sided or A3 and split it in two parts or three parts and its weight varies according to the client  (150. 200-250-300-350) gram and sometimes takes after printing lamination or Spot (UV), Brochure contain an explanation of the products or services offered by the company



Size Flayer is half the A4, which is known as

the A5 may consist of one or two pages, and it may be one-sided or two-sided and weighs lighter than Brochure, weight Flayers starts from the weight of 90 grams and 115 grams of that is distributed mostly in the streets and roads it is used in restaurants and pizza shops and some companies as propaganda for a product or service






 Business Card

Business Cards are printed for companies or employees or to individuals that are either be horizontal or vertical and be sizes 5 * 9 cm or 6 x 10 cm and   and it may be one-sided or two-sided , plastic cards (ID) the same size of a normal card, but the paper material is different, it is composed of the PVC





Poster used for publicity and advertising for the product ,Poster is only image

or text and background or images and text with background such as Posters films

,Posters are different sizes from a small size to a large size


 sticker is used in the advertising poster, which is either a paper or plastic

or translucent and sometimes pasted on the packaging of products




often used in outdoor print , banner sizes vary according to the client and banner uses in the electoral campaign and the announcement of the sale and rental of apartments, shops , banners uses and banner on stands at exhibitions such as the roll-up Stand and X-Banner Stand



Vinyl is resistant to the sun ,Vinyl is printed Indore or outdoor and The lamination can be put on vinyl , Vinyl is pasted on the glass, wood, acrylic and walls and stands in exhibitions such as Pop up Stand and paste on or cars


see through

see through is pasted on the glass doors of interfaces such as pharmacies




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