roll up stand

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Roll up Stand is made of aluminum used to display advertising message to all the services, products, companies, or it can be used during an event or a specific event and include advertising message design includes some images and some text and the appropriate date is also used in exhibitions, conferences and in companies and offices and are printed ( in door – out door ) Roll up stands sizes from small sizes to large sizes



Roll up stand components

two panels on the top of the body flip up , exposing a storage space for the telescoping pole and the top banner rail , the body of this roll up stand display system is constructed from anodized aluminum and has two flip out feet for stability


roll up stand features

Featuring Roll up Stand lightly weight and easy to carry and easy to straighten and herewith

roll up stand display system is perfect for on the go advertising

Use Roll up stand for long periods and not just for once

Included with this roll up stand display system is a custom printed banner

Control the size of roll up stand by choosing roll up stand size

that fits possible to be put in it.





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