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What is Website

Website is the number of pages on the internet and the website may be the property of the person or company is possible to use the website for commercial purposes Or a site that offers services or recreational site is the website is of great importance for most companies because the web site is the online shop displays its products or services all the time and You may attract the largest number of visitors and followers and increase your sales through your website , The website consists of pages, including home page and contains pages on the website content is either text or images or videos

Static Website

Site consists of a number of static pages from 4 to 8 pages and static programming and if a website owner wants any change in the site it returns to the company that has designed the site to change , It does not have a control panel and Programming language easy and simple, page (HTML) and not (PHP), Static Website used to the owners of fixed activities and specific, quick execution


Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website site uses many programming languages in addition to languages (XHTML and CSS) languages (PHP and MySQL) , site owner can change everything in it through a control panel (Admin  by making a password and user name,The site owner can do more than a password and user name to more than one employee to develop products or news or update the site , dynamic Website uses to the owners of the changing activities such as news sites and commercial companies sites,advertising sites, evidence and other websites , can a website owner or the user add many images or videos or articles without a return to the company that has designed the site and the rising cost of dynamic website for the cost of the static website

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