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search engine marketing

It is marketing in search engines and it is what has been explained or clarified through advertising campaigns department and is advertising on Google Adwards and social media  as advertisements facebook or instagram advertising and other Social Media sites and find that there are some terms that have become common in SEM marketing activities in an e-marketing (PPC) or (pay per click) and pay per click is the announcement by a visitor or users of the announcement and another term (CPM), or is the cost per thousand impressions, and the advertiser pay for every time their ads appear and show ads in the form of text or image ads and Google Adwords of the most famous advertising campaigns , these ads appear in search engines like Google in the upper part of the search results pages and beside a yellow box with the word announcement and in some sites and forums in the form of banners or in the form of a text announcement and know those ads of advertisements paid ,and the establishment of the ads on Facebook as well and is also very important advertising platform Given the vast numbers of Facebook users and is promoting the products or services or promotion of a Web site or to increase the number of followers a page or increase the number of likes and interaction , the ad shows either in the form of a text declaration or a display ad or a video and written next to advertising word financier announcement, and the same thing in the ads that are created on instagram Ads are created on instagram in the Arab countries because they use site instagram  more than Facebook, for example, Internet users in Egypt use Facebook  more than instagram and Internet users in Saudi Arabia use instagram more than Facebook


Features paid advertising (SEM)

Results of the campaign be quick as soon as advertising displayed on the search engines where they are targeting certain words when promoting a product or service, or for the site and when a user online writing those words in the Google search engine shows his advertising

Targeted at a particular audience, when you create an ad on Facebook or instagram  is determined by audience in terms of age and their interests and their places and their countries

It is not an opponent of the campaign’s budget only when the user clicks on the advertising and therefore is less expensive than other means of advertising such as newspapers, television or radio or other advertising

We know the results of the campaign strictly in terms of the number of clicks the ad and the percentage of access to the target audience


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