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meaning the search engine optimization, Among the most famous search engines Google and Yahoo and Bing  and other search engines,When a user wants to search the Internet for an answer a question he wants to ask or search for courses or learning courses or search for a product or service or an address of thinking in the search engines and that most famous of the google search engine he writes what he wants to ask then the search engine will show the number of pages containing many different results, but most users do not scrutinize only the first page of results, especially the first page so many companies are competing or is providing a service or product to be displayed on the first page you will find that the first three results takes the lion’s share of visitors and online users


How to search engine optimization (SEO)

you must optimize the sites internally called (on- page seo), depending on how content writing and be exclusive and well, and also optimize the external sites (off-page seo) depending posting links (back links) in sites and forums



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