Types of Advertising

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Types of propaganda


White propaganda

propaganda is not hidden characterized by openness and so for a specific purpose and objective here is to inform foreign other peoples progress and projects leading them in order to find and create the kind of understanding and agreement  the intellectual and psychological, which is based on knowledge, and thus become close to the media and here the media is not being behind the interests of party


Black propaganda

Is the opposite of white propaganda is not publicly and not disclose the true sources they grow within communities targeted by or near the confidentiality of ways, making it able to achieve their objectives and often black propaganda lead in spreading confusion and rejection of the prevailing situation and the result is disrupting public opinion and make it divided and depends those publicity to promote rumors and lies and publish the news is not correct and use those systems propaganda among the opposition forces and hostile to it internally or externally


Gray propaganda

This publicity is working indirectly through a variety of sources is not afraid

to disclose the source and gray propaganda disappear behind particular target

Latent propaganda

The spread of this type of propaganda during the wars and disasters and Latent

propaganda spread without the public feels that there are targeted, it is known

that the sources and targets this propaganda undeclared

phenomenon propaganda

It is known source propaganda, but there is no objection to be partly unknown



 Print ads

An indirect advertising and can not target the individual and is the oldest art of

advertising include (newspaper ads | magazines | Publications | posters)

 Direct advertising:

(brochure | brochures | flyers ) was give or sent and distributed to the target audience

Outdoor advertising:

(Roads advertisements|billboards|public transport buses advertisements | exhibitions)

Ads audible:

Radio broadcast advertisements (radio advertising | Radio Ads) and

the companies and advertising agencies, production and broadcast of these announcements on the radio

Advertising visible / audio:

TV ads and the Agency of advertising production and media booking broadcast on TV channels and also

the announcements cinemas


Advertisements on the Internet:

It includes marketing campaigns on the Internet is known as e marketing (seo | sem) is either a (inaudible | invisible | Interactive) where post an announcement for ways advertisements on web sites or on forums and advertising through YouTube videos channels and social media channels ( Facebookinstagram-Twitter ) and other channels of communication, and increased importance of online advertising increased importance of global information network as a medium


Advertising Mobile:

Spread advertisements on the mobile phone has become important after an increase in the number of mobile users


Advertising for the product
And ads are carried out by the company for purposes related to its products in order to achieve increased sales volume of demand by the audience on the product

Create demand in mind the target audience
Determine the time and place of purchase of the product
Enhance brand value at the consumer audience

 Ads from the same institution

The objective of these ads to create a positive image for
Institution or company and all commercial and non-activity
Commercial order enhance their value in the minds of the public

the consumer and the development of its relationship with various parties



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