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Is there a difference between imported stands and stands are made and in terms of cost whichever is appropriate?

You must know that stands commission or that are manufactured in the workshops or factories called some Booth exhibitions and are manufactured from aluminum or acrylic or wood and are manufactured according to size of the space available in the exhibitions is that the stands are placed products in or it sometimes also be used in shops and malls. the Stands imported exhibitions are Stands range are imported from abroad, most of which are advertising message is printed and installed them, such as the pop-up stand and Roll up stand and X-Banner stand and the Stands imported includes aluminium frame and iron, acrylic and other of those the stands are placed publications where and by such promotional publications ( Letterhead|Business Card|Folder| Envelope Company|Brochure|Flyer) , pop up stand and pop up counter and promotion table stand and Roll up stand and brochure stand and the most important thing distinguishes it easy jaw and folding and assembly for Stands manufactured As for the cost of the imported Stands less expensive than manufactured Stands



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