Exhibition stands

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Trending a lot of companies and business owners to participate in exhibitions in order to introduce them and promote their products or services that they are presenting and organizing exhibitions during a certain period of the year on a specific area


What is the importance of participation and Trade equipment and participation by companies and owners of commercial activities?

When companies are doing publicity and promote their products and services at the exhibition this leads to greater rates of sales

Companies can find out her competitors in the market and therefore know their weaknesses and their strengths and take advantage of it

Participation of companies in exhibitions bring her achievements in the short term were those achievements will require a long time

Participation in exhibitions earn companies and business owners new customers

Companies can recognize new suppliers by participating in various exhibitions

After identifying the importance of exhibitions and participate in them we find companies that prepare their own Booth exhibitions with some of the different stands manufactured and imported stands, for example, counter to showcase their products or Flyer or brochure or catalogs to explain the products and services



There are two types of Stands used in exhibitions : –

Stands are made: –

 It is manufactured in the workshops or factories, some of them belonging to advertising companies or companies specializing in Trade equipment and manufacture Booth exhibitions and those are the stands of wood or aluminum or acrylic manufacturing



 Stands imported: –

It is imported from abroad, and the advantage of being easy to Jaw and install and are advertising

message printed on those of the stands , which contains images of products or services and logo and contact details , We find that the propaganda publications and paper publications placed on some of those stands, The most important of these stands ( pop up stand|roll up stand|pop up counter|promotion table|x banner indoor|x banner outdoor|brochure stand )



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